Rest API design for Enterprise applications

From an architectural point of view REST is simple. And unfortunately, this makes developers actually do the mistake of thinking that it is very easy to design simple things. In reality, the effort and resources required to design and build something is inversely proportional to the simplicity of the end result. That`s why long-term thinkingContinue reading Rest API design for Enterprise applications

How to Build your Cloud Computing Strategy

Developments in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, nanotechnology, and biotechnology are continuously growing and amplifying one another, leveraging the demand for the computing resources they need to run, store and process the data. Here comes the Cloud with all his offerings and benefits your company can use to manage that data andContinue reading How to Build your Cloud Computing Strategy

Cloud computig

Grow your Tech Business with serverless computing *FaaS

Being cost-efficient, minimizing the effort spent on keeping the infrastructure up and being able to deploy features quickly, independently, and without downtime is definitely the dream of every tech company. This is where Serverless comes into play, having the  provider which takes responsibility for receiving client requests and responding to them, capacity planning, task schedulingContinue reading Grow your Tech Business with serverless computing *FaaS

Distributed Systems in .Net – Messaging Patterns

Understanding what Distributed Systems means may require some effort and time as this is a very broad topic in Software Engineering. But once achieved that you will definitely change your perspective regarding the modern Software Architecture. Depending on the business and technical needs, .Net developers also have a wide range of tools and technologies toContinue reading Distributed Systems in .Net – Messaging Patterns


Once your business logic gets more complex, scalability becomes  an issue, and your application’s performance is causing you more and more problems, it’s definitely time to reconsider your architecture.  Therefore, implementing the CQRS pattern can be one of the best solutions. Overview: CQRS stands for Command Query Responsibility Segregation. It’s a design pattern which allows us to represent and manipulate the information differently for readsContinue reading CQRS – BETWEEN PERFORMANCE, SCALABILITY and COMPLEXITY

Web Development future: C# instead of JavaScript

Everyone is talking about React, Angular, Vue.js and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks not just because they are a trend but also because they ensure a shorter development cycle, quick iterations and faster launch to market. Probably, that’s why nowadays, we can’t imagine a dynamic modern web application without JavaScript.  But , in September 2019, one of the big features included in the release ofContinue reading Web Development future: C# instead of JavaScript

Front-End Development with JS Technologies

With new JavaScript frameworks and libraries coming constantly on the market, designing your application Front-End it’s quite tricky. In the last years, jQuery was the most known and used JavaScript library.The latest survey by Stack Overflow(2019) confirms that jQuery is the most broadly used library for web development: jQuery – 48.3% Angular/Angular.js – 32.4% React.jsContinue reading Front-End Development with JS Technologies

Microservices: A trend or a necessity

Once a project gets bigger in size and more complex in business logic, the monolith applications start to cause a lot of problems, being difficult to maintain, test, and deploy them quickly and efficiently. Then, a lot of questions start to appear:⦁ Should we rewrite the entire application from scratch? ⦁ Should we decompose our application into aContinue reading Microservices: A trend or a necessity