Front-End Development with JS Technologies

With new JavaScript frameworks and libraries coming constantly on the market, designing your application Front-End it’s quite tricky. In the last years, jQuery was the most known and used JavaScript library.The latest survey by Stack Overflow(2019) confirms that jQuery is the most broadly used library for web development: jQuery – 48.3% Angular/Angular.js – 32.4% React.jsContinue reading Front-End Development with JS Technologies

Microservices: A trend or a necessity

Once a project gets bigger in size and more complex in business logic, the monolith applications start to cause a lot of problems, being difficult to maintain, test, and deploy them quickly and efficiently. Then, a lot of questions start to appear:⦁ Should we rewrite the entire application from scratch? ⦁ Should we decompose our application into aContinue reading Microservices: A trend or a necessity

Layered Architecture – Still a good choice

It is not a secret that investing in a good software architecture design will save you time, money and headaches during the whole Software Development Life Cycle. That’s why choosing the software architecture pattern that best fits to your needs it’s crucial. There aren’t any patterns or approaches that will work perfectly for every application youContinue reading Layered Architecture – Still a good choice