Digital transformation – the key to Business growth

One of the most exciting combination people would like to get the advantage of in the 21st century is without any doubt the Technology and Business Processes. That`s why some of the most common words you can hear in the IT industry in the last years is “Digital Transformation”.

Digital transformation defines the way companies uses technology, people and processes to change the way they operate and deliver value to customers.

It is an ongoing journey leading to business model transformations and of course to new forms of digital processes.

Of course, there can be many keys drivers of Digital Transformation:

  • deliver better solutions for clients
  • increase user’s satisfaction
  • modernize legacy systems
  • keep up with competitors
  • augment existing offerings
  • development of new sources of revenue
  • etc…

Every Business can use Technology to make their processes more efficient, transform its services and products into something 10 times better, cost-effective and address all human concerns or needs. 

Therefore, in today`s world, you can`t talk about Digital Transformation without knowing what Cloud computing,  Internet of Things, Big data, and Artificial Intelligence mean.

Or without having an idea of how major tech companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. have changed the way our society sees and understands Technology.

Cloud computing –  has democratized data collection and increased the capacity of enterprises, allowing businesses of any size to eliminate the need for costly IT infrastructures and give to companies access to tools that were previously far too costly. 

Artificial intelligence is one of the emerging technologies that can have a very high impact and revolutionize every business in any sector.

You can develop powerful AI strategies that allow you to keep up with your competitors and win market share, like  Facial Recognition,   Machine vision, Chatbots, Predictive analytics, Speech-recognition systems, etc.

The best example would definitely be  China, which is investing in AI and deploying AI solutions on a scale no other country is doing, conducting a lot of research in image and voice recognition, new types of human-machine interaction, biometric identification in all kinds of industries.

Everything we love about civilization is a product of intelligence, so amplifying our human intelligence with artificial intelligence has the potential of helping civilization flourish like never before – as long as we manage to keep the technology beneficial.“ – Max Tegmark

Internet of Things – is a core technology in today’s era which allows companies to collect and utilize every bit of data which you share or use in everyday life through connected cars, smart homes, connected wearables, smart cities, etc. .

Then, you can use machine learning or artificial intelligence to analyse this data , to came up with better  and faster decision , to automate your daily tasks and processes, to boost the quality of services and  therefore  enabling companies to rethink their business models.

Blockchain –  invaded almost every industry in the last few years : banking, healthcare, agriculture, education, e-commerce, transport and logistics, media and entertainment, etc., and the list goes on.

Every business can immensely benefit from the blockchain technology because of its wide applicability and all the benefits it can provide like: Increase transparency and efficiency, Improved traceability, Lower costs, etc.

Apart from the above Technologies ,  during your Digital Transformation process you may require  a lot of  IT Specialist like: Software engineers, Project managers, DevOps Engineers, Data Architects, etc.

If you can`t afford creating your own IT department, of course you can outsource the work and search for the best software development company to bring your ideas to life.

It’s not only about Technology

Technology, of course is a key driver, but the company culture, strategy and people who have the power and knowledge to make it happen come first.

They are essential to any digital transformation, helping you to define the problems, understand your customers, processes and the resources that can be leveraged to create a better products or services.

  • Will your new website/app bring more traffic and clients?
  • Will your customers like your new product and service?
  • Will any of these changes bring growth to the business?
  • Etc..

And only after that comes technology : from big data and cloud to IoT and AI, which gives us new capabilities and helps entrepreneurs to develop new business models, disrupt the established way of running operations and Make Everything Possible.

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